4 popular foods you should try on your tour to Asia

Asia is a place of diversity, culture, language and identity. Each city has its taste. Some of the Asian foods have been popular in the international market also. Here are some popular Asian foods you can try.


Sushi now has become an internationally popular dish that is originated in Japan. In Asia, it si considered as a higher-class delicacy and is mostly found in expensive restaurants. Many Sushi restaurants are spreading around the world. Sushi, which is raw fish inside Sushi rolls, is considered to be a science by many people. It requires the right kind of rice, soy sauce and seaweed wrappers. Pickled Ginger and Wasabi are served with it.


It is meat on a stick that is roasted over charcoal. It is available in many Asian countries. In Muslim countries, you will only find chicken and beef satay. In Thailand, different organs are used, like liver, heart or stomach of pigs or chicken. You can also find frogs and bug meat on the stick in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. These are served with different dips like peanut sauce. Seafood satay is also available.

Dim Sum

This is a Chinese dish that is very popular in Asia. This delicacy is popular in all Asian countries including Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, etc. Dim Sum is derived from the Cantonese phrase which means ‘little token’. These are foods served in small steamer baskets. These are steamed buns with various types of fillers. These are usually served with tea.

Tom Yum

It originated in Thailand. It is popular in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. This is soup with a spicy-sour taste containing smashed lemon grass, lime and tamarind. It can be served as an appetiser or main dish. Seafood and meats can be added there as well.

All these dishes are world famous. You can now find these in many restaurants all over the world. If you haven’t tried these yet, you should try it now!