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Joyce - our private guide in Belgium
 Tourist guide in Belgium Joyce.
Joyce is a tourist guide and a private driver guide in Belgium . She would like to introduce you her best tours: "Bruges guided tour", "Brussels excursion", " Sightseeing Ghent", " Ypres guided tour " and others. Also, she offers you port of zeebrugge pick up, tailor-made tours in Belgium and a la carte tours Belgium. You will memorize Sightseeing Belgium with Joyce as an interesting and professional guided tours !
Private tours of this guide in Belgium

Private guide in Belgium is waiting for you!!!
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   HOT PRIVATE TOUR IN Belgium -  
Our private tours in Belgium are waiting for you!!!

The city of choice for Eurocrats, Brussels is luxurious, historic and magnificently cosy.

DURATION : 3 to 4 hours
GUIDING FEES : 100 all taxes included
Private transportation may be organised upon request up to 7 passengers. Please contact us for details and fees.  

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   The Time of Empire™ - A Colonial District Walk. Singapore  

The perfect way to discover Singapore is on foot. Guided by passionate experts in history and heritage, you will uncover hidden secrets, beautiful architecture and fascinating history on this Walk - relive Singapore during colonial days. Learn about Singapores national flower, the Sarkies brothers and that wonderful drink called the Singapore Sling. Highlights on this walk include St. Andrews Cathedral, Armenian Church, CHIJmes and Raffles Hotel.
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