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   HOT GUIDE IN ITALY - Cinzia Trevisan  
Cinzia Trevisan - our private guide in Italy
Tour guide in ItalyI'm an official tour guide in Venice, Italy.
I'm specialized on Venetian and Byzantine Art and History.
My tours are different from traditional guided tours: they will be for you an extraordinary and unforgettable experience, to discover Venice both as it was in times past and as it is today.
Languages spoken: Italian, English, Spanish, French.
Private guide in Italy is waiting for you!!!
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   HOT PRIVATE TOUR IN Italy - The Secret Trails of the Doge’s Palace  
Our private tours in Italy are waiting for you!!!
Besides the gilded state rooms created to be seen by the official visitors, the Doge’s Palace houses some secret chambers where the nitty-gritty business of running the state took place. This was the headquarter of the Venetian Intelligence from where a network of spies and undercover agents was ultimately to spread right across Europe, and even beyond.
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   Puerto Plata Trackers 4 Wheels ATV Tour. Dominican Republic  

Get ready to start your engines and explore the Dominican Republic in a unique way - on a four-wheeler all terrain vehicle! You will drive over deserted beaches and past vast expanses of palm and coconut trees before taking a break in a creek or riverbank to cool off before heading back.
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