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Mike - our private guide in Belgium
 Our Private guide in Belgium has 40 years of tourism and hotel business experienced. Private guide in Belgium Mike able to recognize his guests, and to give them exactly what they expect and to take the appropriate attitude to their personal preferences and needs ( history, arts, sites, nature, local gastronomy, etc)
Private tours of this guide in Belgium
Ypres Veurne Dixmuide
Brussels Arts Nouveaux
Private guide in Belgium is waiting for you!!!
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   HOT PRIVATE TOUR IN Belgium - Ghent  
Our private tours in Belgium are waiting for you!!!
 Ghent is the spiritual citadel of Flanders, a university city, the second largest Belgian port and a major industrial center. But on a historical point of view, In competition with his "Little Sister, Bruges". This is mostly due to the early decision of Bruges conservatives responsables to preserve the original character of the town, surrounded by ramparts.
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   Athens Sightseeing by Night with Dinner and Greek Show. Greece  

Take a panoramic coach tour through Athens, to the boat harbors of Marina Zea and Mikrolimano. For dinner, visit a typical Greek Tavern in the Plaka district and enjoy a traditional meal. The floor show you will experience is a bonus on this fabulous night out in Athens.
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