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 Flag of Afghanistan
Best Places in Kabul: 
Afghan National Museum, Darul Aman Palace, Mausoleum of Emperor Babur, Chehlstoon Park, The Minar-i-Istiqlal (Column of Independence), Mausoleum of Timur Shah Durrani, Bala Hissar, Minaret of Chakari, Babur Gardens, Kabul Golf Club, Kabul Zoo
Additional Information. Kabul 
Population : 3,043,589
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Airport - Kabul International Airport serves the population of the city as a method of traveling to other cities or countries. The airport is a hub to Ariana Afghan Airlines, which is the national airlines carrier of Afghanistan.
Shopping - the Kabul City Center, which is Kabul's first shopping mall, the shops around Flower Street and Chicken Street.

  • Intercontinental Hotel - On the outskirts of the city heading into West Kabul; sat phone: +873 761 469690 or local tel: 020 2201320
  • Mustafa Hotel - In the centre of town close to Chicken Street and Flower Street; tel: 070 27 6021; email:
  • Kabul International - Just before the Marco Polo Restaurant and Chicken and Flower Streets: tel: 020 2201124; email:
  • Park Residence - On Shahre Naw Park next to the old Czechoslovakian Embassy; tel: 070 28 0576
  • Hotel Spinzar - Next to the Ministry of Information and Culture, Asma-yee Wat; tel: 070 27 4983

  • Anaar - House 6, Street 4, Kolola Pushta, behind the UNICA Guesthouse; tel: 070 28 4315, 070 29 1857
  • Bs Place - The guesthouse in Qali Fatullah; tel: 070 27 6416
  • Chinese Restaurant - Ansari Square, Shahre Naw just before the Chicken and Flower Street junction; tel: 020 2201618
  • Delhi Darbar - House 1, Muslim Street, Shahre Naw tel: 070 27 7566
  • Gandamak Lodge - Number 5 Passport Lane; tel: 00 93 (0)795 69904 Email:

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